StormClan is one of the first warrior clans.

About StormClan:Edit

Territory landscape: moorland and some mountain.

Living together with: BreezeClan, DawnClan and MistyClan

Prey: birds, rabbit, fish and berries.

Weather: in the mountains summer's hot, winter's cold and dry, on moorland mostly cold and rainy.

Other: cats are great runners on moorland and good fishers.


Warning: This are the last cats of StormClan. It became CrystalClan later.


Pepperstar: black-ginger tom with amber eyes.


Chillifoot: swift and small white she-cat with brown patches.

Med. cat:

Mintwing: blue-gray she-cat with beautiful mint eyes.


Midnightpelt: blue-gray tom with deep midnight-blue eyes.

Feathernose: soft white she-cat with blue eyes.

Sparklespots: tortoiseshell she-cat with gray eyes.

Whiteshadow: white she-cat with beautiful gray eyes.

Shortdream: light-gray tom with green eyes.

Goldenmask: golden-brown tom with a brown patch around his yellow eyes.


'Coldbreeze: 'silver tabby she-cat with soft mint eyes.


Webpaw: silver tom with black stripes all over his pelt and yellow eyes.

Flamefang: ginger she-cat with beautiful amber eyes.

Littlepaw: small sand-colored tom with blue eyes.


Bouncekit: little gray-black tom with amber eyes.

Crystalkit: white-ginger she-cat with sparkling mint eyes.

Smokekit: gray she-cat with bright amber eyes.

Furrykit: black tom with mint eyes.


Firebird: ginger tom with a very soft fur and yellow eyes.

Yellowleap: sand-colored she-cat with mint eyes.

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