StarClan are the deceased Warrior ancestors of the clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living cats.



Clan cats and their descendants who followed The Warrior Code and led a honorable life will reach StarClan when they die, even if they were not part of a Clan at the moment of their death.

When a cat dies and is going to be guided to StarClan, they merely close their eyes and reopen them a few moments later. When leaders lose lives, those lives appear in StarClan as copies of the leader, but they are unable to hear, speak to or touch other StarClan cats until the leader loses their final life.

StarClan cats leave starry paw prints, their eyes shine like moons, and their pelts glow with a pale light, which makes them look like they have stars dappled in their fur. Cats' spirits remain in StarClan until they are forgotten by all living and dead cats over a long time and earned their own peace, causing them to fade away to little more than ghost-like images of themselves.


StarClan's hunting grounds is described as a moonlit night landscape in greenleaf, a land of mist and shadows. It resembles the landscape of The Forest, and several locations exist in both the waking world and StarClan.

For the living cats, StarClan's territory appears as a large, cloudy-looking swath of stars, which has been confirmed to be the Milky Way. Clan cats believe that, upon dying and joining StarClan, a new star appears in Silverpelt. On the other hand, the stars are sometimes regarded as representing the living cats instead of the dead ones.

When the Clans migrate to a new territory, StarClan cats follow them in the sky so they can continue watching over them. StarClan travels along with the clans through unknown sky paths.

Silver RocksEdit

The sacred places of the Clans exist in both the waking world and StarClan's hunting grounds. One of these locations is Silver Rocks , seen by most cats in their dreams when visiting StarClan (such as a cat during his or her leader ceremony).


Warm-Rocks is a place in StarClan territory. It is not described in detail, however, the name suggests that it is a relaxing spot.

Relation to Living CatsEdit

StarClan cats watch over the Clans from the sky and send prophecies to guide them or warn them of impending danger. Ancestors usually watch over the living cats of their former Clan, and especially over cats who were close to them in their lifetime generally gives advice to cats. Living cats visit StarClan in their dreams, although StarClan cats are able appear even in the waking world.

Medicine cats have a special bond to StarClan, and they are the cats who are usually contacted by the ancestors. At every half-moon the medicine cats of each Clan go to their "sacred place" (Shiny Cave ) to speak with StarClan and receive advice about the future. To receive the signs of StarClan, medicine cats either drink the water at Moonpool or touch noses with the Moonstone, initiating the dream.

Besides medicine cats, StarClan cats sometimes send messages to leaders, warriors, or even non-Clan cats and other creatures.


All Clan ceremonies are believed to be supervised by StarClan. The Clan Leader performing a ceremony calls upon the warrior ancestors, and promotes a cat by the powers of StarClan.

StarClan has the greatest role during leader ceremonies, when they give nine lives to the new Clan leader. Each of the lives are granted by a single ancestor, usually from the same Clan, as a gift of an attribute.


There is contradiction in the books about how much influence does StarClan have over the living world:

  • StarClan has no influence in the real world.
  • Spottedleaf appears in the waking world and offers a bundle of burdock root to Sandstorm, implying that StarClan cats can physically influence and change the living world
  • If cats fight during a Gathering, StarClan covers the moon with clouds and lightning, even if the sky was clear before, implying that they have power over Nature
  • StarClan can reincarnate cats, like Echosky, instead of accepting her spirit among them, implying that they have power over life and death

Life in StarClanEdit

Cats in StarClan are restored to the age in which they were happiest. Cats who die keep their name at the highest rank they had or would have achieved.

Prey is always plentiful and cats have no defined tasks (such as hunting and training), and are free to do as they please, so they are mostly content, except when seeing living cats suffer.

StarClan has no hierarchy, thus there is no defined leader or deputy, although cats respect those who were their leaders or mentors in the living world.

Once a StarClan cat ceases to be remembered by any living or dead cats, they will slowly seem to appear as the faintest star and will live their life in StarClan peacefully and alone. Usually, they do not send dreams to any living cats.

Other AncestorsEdit

The opposite of StarClan is the Place Of No Memories, reached by cats who committed evil deeds during their life. It has a sort of border with StarClan's hunting grounds, appearing as a wall of mist. StarClan cats can enter the Place of No Stars, but they risk never being able to escape.

The Tribe Of Starry Nights have their own spirit ancestors, the Tribe of Endless Hunting. If a cat dies in the tribe, but is born in a clan, is he/she able to walk with both StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting.

Formerly part of StarClan, CinderClan's ancestors left with CinderClan and then they seperate. However, they have rejoined StarClan after Whitestar's leader ceremony.


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Cats of Unknown Origins or ClansEdit



EchoClan AncestorsEdit





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