Sorrelstar is a tortoiseshell colored she-cat with ice-blue eyes.


Sorrelkit is born to Blackwing and Owlshade, with her siblings Echokit and Runningkit. When she was born, she almost died of Greencough, but the medicine cat Yellowblur saved her. When she became an apprentice and recieved her apprentice name, Sorrelpaw, she was metored to Fallensun, the deputy. In the first moon of her apprenticeship she almost was killed by Patchclaw, a CrystalClan cat. Her mentor saved her, and killed Patchclaw. Later, she became a young warrior, recieved her warrior name, Sorrelsun, after her mentor, and in her vigil night, a attack was planned on the camp. She killed the deputy, Tigermist. As revenge, the leader Stripedstar, killed her mother and dad, but the leader then, Jaystar, knew it was his last life, and killed him too. Her siblings became warriors too, and are named Echosky and Runningfire. Jaystar named her deputy and after his dead, she became leader. She named Echosky as deputy, who became Echostar and she named Nightflash as deputy.



Hailmist: deceased, verified StarClan member


Lilyswift: deceased, verified StarClan member

Poppyflower: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Blackwing: deceased, verified StarClan member


Owlshade: deceased, verified StarClan member


Echosky: deceased, reborn in Echosky


Runningfire: deceased, verified StarClan member


Ivystar: deceased, verified Place Of No Memories member


Appletail: deceased, verified StarClan member


Dapplepelt: deceased, verified StarClan member


Quailstream: deceased, verified StarClan member

Grand-grand daughter:

Featherstar: living, LightClan member

Grand-grand-grand son:

Cloudfizz: living, CrystalClan member

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