Silver Rocks is a small hill made of marble stones who glow when moonlight falls on it. As the stones stop glowing, StarClan is angry. It's the gathering place for the CaveClans. They meet there every moon. It's a neutral place, and both clans can come there with a long path, the Shine Path.

History: The Discover Of The Silver RocksEdit

The Silver Rocks are discovered by Mistyflame, a former CinderClan medicine cat. When she was looking for herbs, she saw a shiny path of rocks, now called the shine path, and followed it. At the end she saw a enourmous rock that glowed even more than the path. She runned back to camp, and talked to Sorrelstar, the leader. Her leader would'nt believe it, but folowed her. When she saw the rock, she could'nt believe her eyes. But in the bushes, a CrystalClan warrior was looking at them, and taked the news to camp. When CinderClan did go to the rocks again, they founded CrystalClan there, sleeping in the moonlight. Sorrelstar started hissing at CrystalClan's leader, Ivystar. Ivystar replied calmy and sayd "These rocks now are ours. There is enough sleeping space for our whole clan." "But we discovered it!" Sorrelstar hissed to her. "No, my warrior Hawkeye discovered it. He saw it before you and he brought the news here."Ivystar sayd and Hawkeye glowed. "I already tought i'd saw someone in the bushes!" Sorrelstar yelled and hissed "We fight for it, or we destroy the rocks." "Fine" Ivystar issed back. "CrystalClan, attack!" "CinderClan, attack!" Sounded and a fearsome battle started. Many cats died that night, and when dawn broke, there was blood lying everywhere, and the body's of dead cats where glowing in the sunlight. "This is all your fault!" gasped Sorrelstar, almost out of breath, and almost dead of tireness. "My fault? If you had'nt started with the fight, they would not be dead now!" "Please stop!" a voice yelled from above the rock. "I'm tired of all these battles for nothing! I'm sick of it, sick!" the leaders looked up. The cat was Minnowwind, a small cream colored tabby she-cat, who had fought a lot of battle's since she was born. "If you don't stop with fighting for everything, all of you will be dead in one moon!" "StarClan is powerless to me!" Ivystar yelled to the cat. "You can't say me what to do!" "What?!" Minnowwind sayd, half yelled, half asking. "Yeah, i'm not believing in you! You are just a stupid reflection! You are not real." Ivystar sayd, challenging the StarClan cat. "Stop it!" Minnowwind yelled. "You are not worth to live here! I'm taking your lives! All of your nine!" Minnowwind yelled with fire in her eyes and Ivystar started to cry of pain. "Stop! Stop!" she cried. "Stop! Please, i'm begging you!" Ivystar cried, but the StarClan cat didn't reponse, and then it got still. All of the other cats looked shocked at the body of the dead leader, who just had recieved her lives one moon ago. Lightningsplash stepped forward. "As deputy I have to fill in her place." Sorrelstar stepped to the old leader and lifted her. "And this body is no longer needed." she said and she threw it into the waterfall. "That is your place. Never come back, again." "Wait, Sorrelstar, Lightningsplash. As leaders. you have to take your clan every full moon to here. Just follow the Shiny Path and meet here every moon. Tell each other what happenend every moon and there is no fighting here! This is now a saint place. No more battles anymore here. You understand?" "We do." the leaders answered. "Then this is your gathering place. May StarClan light your path." Minnowwind added and dissapeared in the shadows of the dawn. And so the discovering of the Silver Rock happened...

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