The Rising Sun series are about Mosskit/paw, the daughter of Cinderstream, who appeared in the former stories.

The PlotEdit

The stories Echoing Stream and Dark Dreams are mostly about Mosskit, the tiniest and smartest kit of Cinderstream and Thunderflash's litter. She is a dark-tortoiseshell she-cat, altough none of her parents has brown in his/her fur. She is a descendant of Runningtear, an ancient medicine cat. She diceded to stay with her mother to become healer, and live in the mountains.

The storiesEdit

Echoing StreamEdit

Mosskit, Rainkit, Snowkit and Sunnykit are born to Cinderstream and Thunderflash. When they are born, Cinderstream gets a prophecy:

Mist will save, Dark will come and Moss saves the forest...

Dark DreamsEdit

Tunnel Of LeafsEdit

Falling Feathers Edit

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