Rainbowheart is one of the seven magical cats that lived in the forest long ago. She haves all colors of the rainbow in her fur, and has the power of Love.


In the Last Magic series:Edit

Power Of CloudsEdit

She is born to Holly and Magic, with her two sisters and brother, named Cloud, Flame and Sparkle. She meets three other cats, Indigo, Sparkle and Whisper. The seven cats are the Eclipse Cats, a bunch of cats with magical powers. She has the power of Love, and can let fall other cats in love with each other.



Icesky: deceased, verified Nightstar member.


Smokesky: deceased, verified Nightstar member.

Bounceheart: deceased, verified Nightstar member.

Aquaheart: deceased, verified Nightstar member.


Holly: deceased, residence unknown.


Magic: deceased, residence unknown.


Fallenheart: deceased, verified StarClan member.

Cinderkit: living, CinderClan member.

Bluepool: living, healer.

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