The Place of No Memories is the opposite of StarClan 's hunting grounds. Its a place where the cats that had committed great crimes against their clan and the Warrior Code go when they die. There are cats who did crimes, but believed that they were following the Warrior Code, can join the ranks of StarClan to.


The Place of No Memories is a open, dark place, with a big bonehill in the middle of it and some trees on it. Also, in the north are some hills, called the Dark Hills. In the sky there are no stars, no moon, only dark clouds. The ground is dry and hard, and the trees that are growing there are mostly dried out. There is no grass or flowers anywhere, only cold, hard rocks. The cats here can't walk the skies with their friends and family, only with each other on the bonehill.

The Place Of No Memories cats are forgotten by all living cats, so there fading away and are not much more than ghostlike spirits, altough StarClan cats are a little bit lighter than normal, and have stars in their fur.

Several Place Of No Memories cats can walk the dreams of living cats. Unusally the cat founds him/herself in the Place Of No Memories territory, normally on the bonehill, with the deceased cats around him/her. This is not always happening, because also only one cat can come and take the visiting cat to the Dark Hills for battle training. If the visiting cat gets a wound, the wound will appear in the real world too.

StarClan cats are able to pass into the Place of No Memories if they need to, but by doing so, they risk the chance of becoming lost and never finding their way out again. From StarClan, there is a barrier of sorts consisting of a great cloud of mist, that eventually leads to the Place Of No Memories. Living cats are able to visit the Place Of No Memories when guided by a StarClan cat, although some cats can visit it without a StarClan cat next to him/herself.


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Known Residents




Ivystar Foxfang






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