Pip is a small white tabby she-cat with friendly mint-green eyes.


In the Rising Sun seriesEdit

In Sapphire's eyeEdit

She is seen when Mosspaw and her half-sister Sunnyfall are taking a walk in the forest. When Pip mentiones she is Boney's, who first was named Twink, mother, she also asks of her son is still alive. Mosspaw tells her Cinderstream had kill him, and Pip tells them, she already knowed he was evil. His father, Viper, was evil, and learned him that. When Sunnyfall tells her he had three kits, Mosspaw takes Pip to see her grandchildren.

In the Covered Moon series Edit

In Cloudy MistEdit

She appears when Mosstail is visiting CinderClan, telling she wants to be a warrior. Barkstar tells her she can't, because she had kittypet blood. Pip attacks and kills him, and the last thing he whispered was "Darkness... Darkness is all what's coming...".

In A Dark NightEdit

She becomes a queen, named Pipflower, and gets a mate, Moontail. She gives birth to one kit, Starrykit, who's part of the prophecy Mosstail gets.


She is family of Mosstail, Rainpool and Cinderstream, because she is Thunderflash's sister.



Viper (formerly): deceased, verified Deadfields member.

Moontail: living.


Thunderflash: living.


Boney: deceased, verified Deadfields member.


Starrykit: living.


Brambleheart: living.

Nettlestripe: living.

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