"Sapphirestorm, I have nine kits from you. I am looking like a living kit machine! I leave you, and I'm not coming back to you." Mosstail to Sapphirestorm.

Mosstail is a beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, who looks almost exactly like Runningtear.


In the Rising Sun seriesEdit

Echoing StreamEdit

She is born to Cinderstream and Thunderflash, with her brother and half-siblings Snow, Rain and Sunny. They become Mosskit, Snowkit, Rainkit and Sunnykit later, when Snowkit, Rainkit and Sunnykit leave and join the clan. She becomes the apprentice of her mother, Cinderstream, who is a healer. She saved her nephew, Nettlestripe, from dead when he was heavly wounded.

Dark DreamsEdit

She recieves a dream from Bluestar, a ThunderClan cat, telling her she must tell Rainpaw and Sunnypaw, who become Rainpool and Sunnyfall, who their real father is, Whitestar. She takes Mosspaw to him, and he tells her he is not her and Snowtalon's father. He tells her also only she can save her mother for not very long, and dissapears.

Tunnel Of LeavesEdit

She starts meeting Jay, a BoneClan cat. She meets him in the tunnel, and suddenly Runningtear appears, who tells her she is part of her mother's prophecy, and she must stop meeting Jay because her destiny lies somewhere else. Jay tries to fight against Runningtear, but she kills him. Mosspaw yowled at her, and Mosspaw shows her two visions: one that shows what happened if she still was meeting him, and one what happens later in the book.

Falling FeathersEdit

She becomes Mosstail, and she becomes a real healer. Her mother is killed later in the book, and appears later when she travels along with Echosky, Thrushtail and Sapphirefur to the Sun-warmed Streams to dream with StarClan. Cinderstream appears in the dream she gots, and tells her and Echosky they are family. Then, a huge storm starts in the dream, and Mosstail saw sapphire flying.



Sapphirestorm: living.


Amberholly: living.

Jadeclaw: living.

Dreamcloud: living.

Cloudmist: living.

Lilykit: living.

Fallenkit: living.


Sapphiresky: living.

Rubystream: living.

Wishflight: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Cinderstream: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Thunderflash: living.


Snowtalon: living.


Sunnyfall: living.

Rainpool: living.


Hazelbranch: living.


Oakflight: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Brambleheart: living.


Nettlestripe: living.

Goldenflake: living.

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