Welcome to LakeClans Fanfic Wiki!

The LakeClans Fanfic Wiki is a new Warriors Fanfic Wiki about SwiftClan, RunningClan, LightClan, CrystalClan and CinderClan. This wiki is for the members of these clans, but there may be post stories about the cats in these clans by everybody. For all fans of the Warrior clans!

Find all the secrets about the LakeClans!Edit

This wiki is about CinderClan, CrystalClan, EchoClan and SwiftClan. Together, we're the CaveClans! Have fun discovering all the secrets of the LakeClan cats, and all of their ancestors!


Re: BlockedEdit

Date: 6 october 2010

Editor: CinderStream

Hey everyone! Sorry, but everyone on this wiki except for me is blocked, because i'm updating this wiki! It's just for a month, so don't worry, but now you know!

May StarClan light your path! CinderShooting star in the sky…

Re: Project CharartEdit

Date: 26 september 2010

Editor: Brambleheart

Hey everyone! The Project Charart is here! Join quick and start making blanks everyone! We are currently in need of blanks, so we can use every help we get! We need blanks for the queens and the kits now, so start making them!

May StarClan light your path! BrambleheartBest Warrior Ever!

Latest activityEdit

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