Heatherpetal is a sand-colored she-cat with amber eyes.


Heatherkit is born to Kinkpelt and Foxfang. As apprentice she almost killed her mentor, Opalfur, by pushing her alsmost from a cliff. Willowstar tought it was an accident, and gived her her warrior name, Heatherpetal. Lynxstar made her deputy, nothing knowing about the accident. Later when she maded Opalfur blind at one eye, Lynxstar started to not trust her anymore. When he died because of her, he changed the deputy from her to Flamefall, and she was so angry she can't be leader now, she tried to kill her. Sadly, she jumped wrong and fell off the gorge and died.



Foxfang: deceased, verified Place Of No Memories member.


Kinkpelt: deceased, verified StarClan member.

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