Foxfang is a brown-ginger with white she-cat with yellow eyes.


Fox is born to Misty and Gingerpelt, with her sister Mint. Their father, Gingerpelt was from CrystalClan, and Fox decided to join the clan to be a warrior. Her sister Mint became a loner, together with her mother Misty. Fox became Foxpaw, with as her mentor Ivystar. She became a warrior, named Foxfang. Her first murder was on a snowy day, when she walked in the snow with her patrol, Dapplepelt, shooted over the border when he chased a squirrel. Foxfang stormed to him and yelled at him. He sputtered it was a CinderClan squirrel, but she fighted at him. He was not strong enough to fight back, and died. The patrol had seen nothing, so she said she was chasing a squirrel. The patrol believed it, and she leaved, leaving the body lying in the bushes. A day later, a CinderClan patrol passed trough CinderClan territory. Foxfang meeted them, and yelled at them it was CrystalClan territory. The leader, When they meeted a CinderClan patrol. They wanted to speak the leader, Minnowstar. Foxfang taked them to camp, and to the leaders den. Jaystar, the leader, stepped into the leader den. When he said she had killed Dapplepelt, she didn't believe them. But when they came out, Foxfang was standing next to the body of Fleckedpaw, a CinderClan apprentice. Minnowstar screamed, walked to Foxfang, and talked to her. Foxfang said it was an accident, and Minnowstar believed her, and Minnowstar scared the CinderClan cats away. But when Foxfang killed her own father, she was going too far. Foxfang yelled she was pregnant from Kinkpelt, and that Minnowstar couldn't banish her. But she did, and she leaved. She did get two kits, Heatherkit and Hazelkit. She scared them away, and one joined the clan, one came to Cinderstream. She became one of the most dangerous murderers of the whole clan history. She died when Whitestar killed her with his last life.

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