Flamestar is a ginger colored she-cat with light-blue eyes and a scar on her belly.


Dawn is born to Fall and Violet, as a kittypet. As a kit, she was stolen by a rogue cat named Izz and taken to BoneClan. She was trained to a strong warrior by Izz, and she was renamed as Flame. She believed it was her real name, because everyone called her that way. But when she gone out hunting, she met another cat, Lightwish. He taked her to camp, and she decided to join. When the rogues found out, they fought against CrystalClan. CrystalClan won, with thanks to her, and they renamed her Flamefall. She was very proud with that name, and another day, she met her mother in the forest. Her mother first called her Dawn, like she was called, but she told her she was now Flamefall, a proud warrior. Her mother licked her, and telled she just wanted to now if she was alright. She nodded, and her mother leaved, back to her twolegplace. She did get a mate, Cedarbranch. She get one kit, Bluekit, and when Lynxstar was dying, he changed the deputy from Heatherpetal to her. Heatherpetal tried to kill her, but jumped the wrong way, and fell in the gorge, a sign from StarClan she was the right one. She became leader and made Icedrop her deputy. She lost her last life when she was a elder, caused by old age.



Cedarbranch: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Blueheart: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Violet: deceased, residence unknown.


Fall: deceased, residence unknown.


Springleaf: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Stripedfur: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Goldwillow: living, CrystalClan cat.


Moonlight: living, CinderClan cat.

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