The Eclipse Cats are magical cats with magical powers.



Love ~ The power to let other cats fall in love with each other. Rainbowheart let herself accidently fall in love with Icesky. She also had used her power accidently with her daughther Aquaheart.


Wind ~ The power to let autumn and winter come. She and her mate Whispersky have the powers to let the seasons come, and care about the weather.


Fire ~ The power to bring fire to the forest. If she gets really angry, she can set the forest on fire. Her sister Rainbowheart and her mate Icesky had saved the forest a lot of times when her sister made fire.


'Sun' ~ The power of sun is used by Sparklesky. He uses it to bring warmt in the spring and the summer. When it's very cold, he can use it to warm up the earth.


Darkness ~ The power of darkness is used by Indigoheart, the darkness herself. She has the power to destroy everything she want, and is killed by her own brother when she tried to kill him because he had more power.


Ice ~ The power of ice is used by Icesky. He helps his mate Rainbowheart very much to save the forest when Flameheart had set the forest on fire again. He also helps Cloudheart to make snow and Ice in the winter.


Water ~ Whispersky haves the power of water. He uses it in autumn and spring to make the rain. He is the one who killed Indigoheart when she'd tried to kill him.

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