Echosky is a white-brown she-cat with turquoise eyes.


Echokit is born to Tigerpelt and Rosefire, with her sister Littlekit. She was the biggest from the litter, and her sister didn't like that, and was always complaining. Echokit didn't know she was reborn, but she had some same personalities. She was very sweet, but if she had to fight, she fight for her life. Also she was a good fisher, what almost no EchoClan cats could. She was a good swimmer, but every EchoClan cat who wanted to swim, thinks the water's too cold. She also could tell great stories about the ancient time where Echostar lived. She was a medicine apprentice, and her sister a warrior. Sometimes she wished to be a warrior too, but her mother always said "Then you maybe where dead right now!" and she stopped. She became healer after Cinderstream told her about healers, a kind of medicine cats, living in the mountains. She just had gived her apprentice, Softpaw his medicine cat name: Softfoot. She decided to join Cinderstream, Sapphirefur and Thrushtail. She is living in a cave in the mountains, together with Thrushtail, who also became her mate, and their three kits, Minty, Domino and Leaf.



Thrushtail: living.


Minty: living.

Domino: living.

Leaf: living.


Rosefire: living.


Tigerpelt: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Littleclaw: living.


Dreamkit: living.

Cloudkit: living.

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