Destiny Of Stars is a fanfic serie written by Cinderstream. It's mostly about Cinderstream, a cat with a destiny a cat had never before.

The storiesEdit


In Dawnlight, Cinderkit is born to Silverbrook and Willowsong. She is their only kit. When Fleckedpaw, the medicine cat apprentice dissappears, she help searching. Fleckedpaw is killed by Lion, a BoneClan cat. Later BoneClan attacks the CinderClan camp, and Cinderkit takes Bramblekit and Nettlekit to the Shiny Cave. She meets Fleckedpaw there, who's named Fleckedwhisker now, and she and Nightpetal tell Cinderkit she must stop Boney. Cinderkit leaves Bramblekit and Nettlekit in a cave, and returns to camp.

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