Cloudyflight is a beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes. She is deaf at one ear.


Cloudypaw appreared on CinderClan territory as a warrior apprentice. She was lying in shock and whispering words like "battle", "lost", "kill" and "Dark". Lynxears, the medicine cat, taked her to camp. When she could speak again, Rubystar asked what happened. She told him Darkheart, her mother had tried to kill her. She had taken her into the forest, and let some rogues attack her. She wanted to be warrior, but she should never be the same again, because of her wounds, so she became medicine cat. She enjoyed it, and became Cloudyflight. She did get a mate, Firewhisker, and she get three kits, Flamekit, Cloudkit and Mistykit. They became strong warriors, and when Cloudyflight died, they carried her out of camp.



Firewhisker: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Cloudfur: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Flamefire: deceased, verified StarClan member.

Mistyshade: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Darkheart: deceased, verified Place Of No Memories member.


Smokefur: deceased, residence unknown.

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