Cinderstream is a gray-white she-cat with blue-turquoise eyes.


Cinder is born to Silverbrook and Willow, a kittypet. Her father decided to join the clan to, because his mate was a clancat too. She became Cinderpaw, a medicine apprentice. Her mentor was Spottedbrook, the medicine cat, and also her aunt. She later became Cinderstream, the medicine cat, and she fell in love with Whitestar, the leader, and she did get two kits of him, Rainkit and Sunnykit, and two kits of her mate, Thunderflash, named Mosskit and Snowkit. Later she leaved the clan, and became a healer living in the mountain. She died because of greencough and an infection in a wound.



Thunderflash: living.


Mosstail: living.

Sunnyfall: living.

Rainpool: living.

Snowtalon: living.


Silverbrook: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Willowsong: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Roleplayer: CinderStream

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