About CinderClan:

Territory landscape: mountain and forest

Living together with: CrystalClan, EchoClan and SwiftClan.

Prey: birds, fish, voles, mouse and berries.

Weather: in the forest regular, summer's hot and winter's cold and snowy, mountains mostly very hot of really cold.

Other: cats aren't great swimmers, but can walk very far without getting tired.

Known Leaders

Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In...
Cinderstar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Hailstar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Duststar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Waterstar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Brightstar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Cherrystar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Mistystar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Fallenstar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Jaystar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Sorrelstar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Echostar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Nightstar Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Streamstar Before Dawnlight Echoing Stream
Whitestar Echoing Stream Tunnel Of Leaves
Bouncestar Tunnel Of Leaves Cloudy Mist
Hollystar Cloudy Mist Song Of Darkness
Barkstar Song Of Darkness Clear Skies
Bluestar Clear Skies ---

Known Deputies

Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In...
Hailfoot Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Dustflare Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Brightstare Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Cherryfern Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Mistymoon Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Fallendream Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Sorrelsun Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Echosky Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Nightpetal Fallen Sun Fallen Sun
Whitefoot Before Dawnlight Echoing Stream


Echoing Stream Tunnel Of Leaves

Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In...
Runningtear A Cat's Path A Cat's Path
Liontail A Cat's Path A Cat's Path
Yellowblur A Cat's Path A Cat's Path
Oliveheart A Cat's Path A Cat's Path
Spottedbrook A Cat's Path Whispering Wind
Cinderstream Whispering Wind Echoing Streams
Rainpool Song Of Darkness ---



Bluestar: blue-gray she-cat with bright blue eyes.


Morningfrost: light gray tom with turquoise eyes.

Med. cat:

Rainpool: gray tom with white muzzle and paws and blue eyes.


Sandsong: sand-colored she-cat with blue eyes.

Violetfire: ginger tabby tom with violet eyes.

Crystalsun: black-gray tom with yellow eyes.

Goldblaze: white tom with one golden-brown stripe on his face.

Honeyclaw: light-brown tabby she-cat with soft blue eyes.


Tigerflare: brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.


Windpaw: ginger-and-white she-cat with amber eyes.

Swanpaw: ginger tom with green eyes.

Ashpaw: chocolate-brown tom with lightbrown muzzle, belly and paws.


Cinderkit: gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Owlkit: brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Wetkit: white-brown tom with blue-green eyes.


Hazelpelt: light-brown tom with hazel eyes.

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