Boney is a black tom with red eyes and white stripes.


In the Destiny Of Stars seriesEdit

In DawnlightEdit

Boney first appears as leader of BoneClan, a rogue clan he made. He attacks the CinderClan camp to search for his two kits and his mate, Bramblekit and Nettlekit, and Hazelbranch. When he couldn't find them, he dissapeared again.

In Slight ShadesEdit

Boney is first running to the shadows, and Cinderstream saw him, and said it to Streamstar, the leader of CinderClan. It was too late, and Boney closed the clans in. He attacked the clans and his own daugter, Brambleheart. Then Cinderstream attacked and killed Boney.

In the Rising Sun seriesEdit

Echoing StreamEdit

He appears in Blood's dream, telling her she must kill Cinderstream. Blood doesn't do that, but tries to send Falcon. Falcon almost kills her, but Thunderflash scares her away.



Pip: living, kittypet.

Hazelbranch: deceased, verified StarClan member.


Falcon: living, loner.

Brambleheart: living, CrystalClan member.


Nettlestripe: living, CrystalClan member.


Mimi: living, kittypet.


Adder: deceased, verified Deadfields member.

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