BoneClan is a rogue clan like BloodClan.

Terriory landscape: twolegplaces.

Living together with: -

Prey: -

Weather: normal.

Other: clan is a clan made of rogues, cats who aren't kittpets, but no clancats, or healers. They don't now anything about herbs, and if a cat's wounded, they just let him/her starve.


Warning! This may contain plots of the writer's stories!

In the Destiny Of Stars seriesEdit

In DawnlightEdit

BoneClan had killed Fleckedpaw, a medicine cat apprentice of CinderClan, when she was out looking for herbs. Later, Boney and the rest of BoneClan appears when there is a clan meeting, because they are searching for Bramblekit and Nettlekit in the CinderClan camp. They can't find them, because Cinderkit had take them to another place.

In Whispering WindEdit

BoneClan does not formally appear, but is mentioned by Cinderkit when she tells her story about the prophecy.

In Slight ShadesEdit

BoneClan appears on the gathering, when Cinderstream saw something in the shadows, and they start a fight. The four clans fight back, and the clans win. Cinderstream kills Boney, and Blood becomes the new leader.

In the Rising Sun seriesEdit

In Echoing StreamEdit

Coming Soon

In Roses ThornEdit

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In A Deadly SunsetEdit

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Rank HistoryEdit


Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In... Deputy(s)
Boney Before Dawnlight Slight Shades Blood
Blood Echoing Stream N/A Falcon


Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In... Apprentices
Blood The Rise of Scourge Echoing Stream Falcon
Falcon A Clan in Need N/A Fire

See Also:Edit

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